`Capture the Colour` photo contest – My entry

Capture the Colour 2013 photo contest - Portrait of a old woman


The rules are simple: 5 categories, 5 colors, 5 new nominations, 5 winners for each category and one overall winner. Sweet prizes for each winner plus £3,000 (over $4.500) as a travel fund for the best one. Check out the contest page, rules, prizes, etc here.


My 5 photos..



Capture the Colour -  Blue - Woman having a break during the bus

Mekong Delta, south Vietnam – I made a lot of photos of the locals driving the boats, selling goods, yelling around on the hectic morning market outside of Can Tho. On my way back, riding on a rented wooden boat through the small canals, once the morning rush was over, i spotted a family on this blue boat, trying to get some rest. Few members of the family were relaxing in the hammocks outside, while this lady decided to search for the quiet time inside the boat.



Capture the Colour -  Green - Woman and daughter with the cow wo

Countryside around Dong Hoi – Further north, in central Vietnam, on a rented scooter and on my way to the Phong Nha caves inside Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, i decided to take a bit longer, “more interesting” as locals told me, route through the country side. They were right. I found myself navigating dirty back roads, cruising through the small, working communities way off the regular tourist circuit.



Capture the Colour -  Yellow - Smiley symbol on a tourist bus co

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum – Security Prison 21, Cambodia – I went outside for a cigarette and to regroup after witnessing the remnants of the painful and not so distant, Cambodian history and while looking at the wired walls around me, a tourist bus with the giant yellow smiley on it parked right in front of me. Two very different energies are about to collide.. It`s time to leave.



Capture the Colour -  Red - Man painting a wall red in Yogyakart

Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia – You wanted red? Sure, it`s coming! I was exploring Yogya one day and spotted this guy painting the wall in a bright red. Red stains, red t-shirt, red bucket, red details on his hat.. The scene was screaming “Take the photo!”.



Capture the Colour -  White - Group of women during religious pr

Old town, Lima, Peru – I was busy taking photos of a peacock and two giant turtles matting on the rooftop of my hostel, when all of a sudden a loud sound of trumpets and drums that starting coming from the street bellow shocked the animals completely. Including me. When i tried to see what`s going on i realized i won`t be able to take any clear shots from the rooftop, so i crossed some old, shaky wooden boards onto the closed part of the hostel and found myself directly above the street and the ongoing procession. The street was filled with people playing instruments, priests going in a row, police trying to regulate the crowd from entering the procession, nuns chanting and carrying these smoky things (name?).. In one word, chaos. It was a perfect position for taking photos, because from the ground level i would be hardly able to make anything decent.


As mentioned above, you have to nominate other 5 bloggers as well.


1. Nemanja Glumac
2. Srdjan Stepanovic
3. Greg Goodman
4. Juno Kim
5. Stephen Bugno


Now, this contest isn`t about how many `likes` you can get from your family and friends via social media sites (luckily!), BUT, if you liked the photos above – sharing is caring. ;)





  1. Stephen wrote:

    Cool photos!! Thanks for the nomination!