Who is Wizemark? [video]

As i announced and promised in the last blog post, here is the video that we`ve been working on for the last month or so for the Creative Exchange meet-up that was held 2 days ago in Skopje, Macedonia. If interested to learn more about all this, please, take a look at the previous post. Delivering the video was an adventure for itself and it definitely deserves at least a blog post, which we might put together in the upcoming weeks. Without further talk, please, have a look and let me know what you, guys, think in the comments bellow. Thanks. EDIT – In case you decide to share the video on a facebook, please, use facebook share button at the bottom, above the comments, because the button on the left side decided to stop working at the moment.



  1. Beautiful video Srdjan. I think your effort in creating this video paid off well. Such an inspiring journey!

  2. wizemark wrote:

    Hey, Gert.. thanks for stopping by, brother. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the video. Best..

  3. Florin Capota wrote:

    Great video, all the best in your new South American episode!

  4. Snježa wrote:

    Good job! I am absolutely amazed by the story…and a bit wet in the eye area :)
    Incredible love story as well! Thank you the inspiration. Svaka čast na odluci, i the best of luck wherever you go!

    Greetings from Sarajevo!

  5. cc wrote:

    what is the name of that song on the end? :)

    • wizemark wrote:

      Sorry for a slow reply here.. the song is Protassov ft Bajka – I wonder.. she`s a guest on the album. I highly recommend her stuff.. the voice is just so seductive.. Cheers..

  6. Super Srdjan za Veliki iskorak ka životu i svetu!!!!

  7. Hi Srdjan,
    The life you are living is the exact life I have pictured for myself. Even down to reading the Tim Ferris’ book! Wow congratulations, you are one of the few to be doing this thing called “life” the right way!

    • wizemark wrote:

      Thanks for stopping by, Rickyle. Appreciate your comments. I keep saying to people, it`s way easier than it might seems at first. I guess, you just have to want it badly enough, prioritize and start making steps towards the goal.. After some time it becomes like riding a bicycle. :) Cheers!

  8. Dalissa wrote:

    Great video of your travels.