Moving through Asia part 1 [video] (+ upcoming video interview announcement)

I`ve finished this video sometime in April, May this year, but the connection in Asia ain`t the reason why people usually go to Asia, so it wasn’t until now, from Lima, Peru, some 6 months later that i`ve managed to upload it finally, but it turned out it`s even better timing. Read more bellow the video. (As usual, clik HD for the best quality.)



About 2 months ago, i`ve been invited as a guest speaker by Macedonian Creative Exchange community for their next creative meet-up that`s gonna be held on the 25th of this month. Considering the travels and the distance, we’ve decided that it`s best to do it in the form of a video. For these last 2 months, we`ve been working on a presentation, interview, almost a mini documentary that will cover, in about 20 minutes design, photography and travel with a focus on this last trip that started (and is still going on) last December. This quicky bellow is a poster i did for the meet-up.


I had one requirement with this design and that was to design the poster around their logo design featuring CX letters, which can be seen on their facebook page, soon on the site as well.

So, the new video, that actually can be titled “Who (or what) is Wizemark?” is coming around November 25th. Thanks for watching this one and stay tuned!



Srdjan & Lana



  1. denko wrote:

    Yo Lion feet, this is “fablious”! :) ds

  2. Hope to see you in Skopje : )

    • wizemark wrote:

      Hey, bud! Heh, this time only via video unfortunately, but at one point will be down there for sure.. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Florin Capota wrote:

    cool stuff bro! best of luck

  4. Name * wrote:

    Kiro brate zivis kao kralj.
    Odlicno ti je ovo coece.
    Budi mi pozdravljen…

  5. metall wrote:

    Brate jedva cekam nastavke.